[sword-devel] .Net Exception Odd behavior...

Wade Balzer wbalzer at newjerusalem.org
Fri Jul 31 11:44:01 MST 2009

I am working on a Bible project in C# for the web.  I am using the
SwigSword.dll wrapper.


When I load the manager using the default location for the modules as
provided by the SWORD_PATH environment, it words fine and the debugger exits
without a problem.


filterManager = new MarkupFilterMgr((char)Sword.FMT_OSIS,

manager = new SWMgr( filterManager);




However since this will be a web environment, I need to directly point to
the Module locations without directly pointing to my local %SWORD_PATH%


When I set the location of the config, and manually set the location of the
module path, everything seems to work fine until I exit the debugger.  It


SWConfig config = new SWConfig(BaseModDir + "mods.d\\global.conf");

SWConfig sysconfig = null;


filterManager = new MarkupFilterMgr((char)Sword.FMT_OSIS,

//manager = new SWMgr( filterManager);

manager = new SWMgr(config, sysconfig, false, filterManager);

manager.configPath = BaseModDir + "mods.d\\";

manager.prefixPath = BaseModDir;







I am not sure why the first one works without a problem, and the second one
works, but crashes on exit.









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