[sword-devel] search failing in Hebrew modules

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Fri Jul 31 04:57:45 MST 2009

"Troy A. Griffitts" <scribe at crosswire.org> writes:
> Anyone willing to put the time into investigating if proper UTF-8 is
> being sent into the SWORD engine from the copy and paste from Xiphos?

I'll need some help here, converting octal crud from gdb to what folks
think should be the Hebrew.

My example search is:
- Xiphos in up-to-date F11
- Sword at -r2437
- WLC 1.6
- no CLucene index
- plain ol' multiword search 
  (sidebar search defaults to "indexed," with fallback to multiword in
   absence of index)
- search scope limited to Genesis
- copying/pasting word #5 from Gen 1:9, "מתחת"
  (again, XEmacs is not entirely happy w/Hebrew, so I hope that appears
   properly to the rest of you)

With vowel points off, stepping through Xiphos' acquisition of the text
from the input box, search_string is:

$1 = 0x973f878 "\327\236\327\252\327\227\327\252"

search_string is untouched down into the Sword search call.  No results.

Turning vowel points on, but searching on the same un-vowel-pointed
string changes nothing, I get no results.  (No surprise, but I'm trying
to be exhaustive.)

Re-pasting the now-vowel-pointed word for search, search_string is:

$7 = 0xb9c82e8 "\327\236\326\264\327\252\326\274\326\267\327\227\326\267\327\252"

And again, no results.

Matthew says he got results in the vowel points = "on" case, but I
don't.  The only difference I know between us is that I use Fedora and
he uses Ubuntu, so there is perhaps some version skew on other linked
libraries, but there is no other library in between Xiphos and Sword's
search, so I can't explain how we get different results, when he does
multiword, non-CLucene searches.

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