[sword-devel] search failing in Hebrew modules

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Thu Jul 30 18:45:46 MST 2009

We have a Xiphos bug report from a user who reads Hebrew, which
complains that search fails in Hebrew modules.  A couple of special
cases work (e.g. אֱלֹהִ֑ים - that may not appear properly, I do mail
using Gnus in XEmacs, which has trouble with Hebrew), but by far the
general case fails.  This is even so when copying/pasting text from WLC
into Xiphos' search boxes and failing to have that same text from that
same verse retrieved as a result.

Xiphos' use of search facilities is essentially blind.  We take text
from an input box, and hand that string verbatim to the Sword search
call.  To the extent that I can trace what happens here, Xiphos is doing
exactly what is expected -- I don't think we have a bug in how we are
making the search query.

So I'm left with what appears to be a Sword bug in handling Hebrew.
Whether it's a unicode problem or something else, I'm not qualified to
say.  But I'd appreciate it if those more in the know about this sort of
problem could take a look and try to verify whether this is correct.

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