[sword-devel] Branching subversion and logging (technical questions!)

Chris Burrell chris at burrell.me.uk
Tue Jul 28 05:26:21 MST 2009


People at Tyndale house in Cambridge, UK and some volunteers are wanting to
use the Crosswire JSword and in particular Bible Desktop as a basis for one
of their projects. Tyndale house have a large number of very good resources
and idea to enrich currently available bible tools, and this would be open
source as the crosswire projects.

The approach has not fully been defined, but given we want to tie resources
to their bible passages (for eg. looking up geographical and historical
information linked to a passage that the user is currently viewing), it
would make sense to benefit from the excellent work of JSword and all the
already written UI framework.

The development approach will be to make as few changes as possible to
incorporate the STEP (sorry that's the name of the project - Scripture Tools
for Every Pastor) project into Bible Desktop and perhaps eventually to an
online source as well. However the integration with Bible Desktop, the
common swing project, etc.

In order to do that, it seems the best option would be to branch off version
1.6 and at a later date when the STEP project is ready to be put live to
merge this back in to the trunk version. Would someone enlighten me as to
whether this is a good idea? I'm happy to provide more ideas.

The other thing I was wondering is how one turns debug logging on. I've
haven't got very far with that so far, but it would be used to find that
out! Are there any pointers as to how to use the default logger?

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