[sword-devel] Often-requested yet never-available Bibles

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Sun Jul 26 19:17:54 MST 2009

Jonathan Morgan wrote:

>> On May 10th, 2007, he reported having got a reply to the effect that
>> "the NIV costs US$10,000 to license and then US$10 per copy. There is also a
>> rather detailed approval process."
> I remember the discussion, and I believe the terms were exactly the
> same.  Now they sell NIV, TNIV and NIrV together for "one low price"
> of $29.99.

>> Being a non-income "organization", CrossWire is just not in this league.

> I agree.  I don't think the amount reasonable, either, but that is
> another story.

It doesn't seem all that impossible.  At those prices, mental math says
the breakeven is 500 copies.  You just need the $10000 up front.

If ten CrossWire people kicked in $1000 each (or twenty people @ $500
each), and if (a big if?) there was a reasonable expectation of selling
500 NIV modules within a year or two, it would be doable.  Are there 500
CrossWire users interested in the NIV at this price?  Doing something
like that would change the "feel" of what CrossWire is, somewhat, so the
group would have to decide if this sort of venture is something it
*wants* to do.  But to me, it sounds fairly feasible, *if* the group
chooses to make it a serious goal.


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