[sword-devel] Web-based translation tools

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Fri Jul 24 06:58:43 MST 2009

Daniel Glassey wrote:
> P.S. I forgot to mention the helpful article in Linux Weekly News about it:
> http://lwn.net/Articles/325311/

Apart from the near-flame between the proponents of Transiflex and
Rosetta in teh comment section, this sounds excellent.

As a translator with some clue of svn and code (and looking occasionally
after translators with no clue of svn and code) I would like to have

1) clean integration of the translations into subversion is important
2) control over who is joining should rest with us and not Canonical
3) "suggestive" translation is great making things more consistent
within a single project.
4) the translation system learning across projects is of huge benefit.
5) Ease of use without knowledge of code or subversion is really important.

I also know that Troy does not like to introduce new dependencies on the
server, so I guess installation of a huge framework is not on.

Troy's suggestion of using the java tagging library to create for
ourselves something of the kind has potential. The actual problems in
the current implementation are (as a user with some experience) are
mostly to do with weird reactions you get when you play with several tabs.

Further there is no glue code with svn or other version control, finally
there is nothing in terms of suggestions - which increases consistency.

My feeling is that we are currently far off from having a usable model
beyond our web applications where it fits well (produces property files,
small amount of text to translate, so suggestions/consistency is not a
big deal). I do not think it should be priority though to build a system
for our non-web applications.

Regarding Rosetta and trapped translations - it appears that none of our
programmes is currently registered with Launchpad/Rosetta, so none are
trapped there.


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