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Many thanks! I hadn't looked at Bible Desktop before; I like it! What  
I was looking for is pretty close to the view I can get in there.  
Bible Desktop looks like a really nice piece of work, I'm going to be  
using it regularly, I think. Since it's using XSL to produce the  
displays, would I be correct it takes straight OSIS as input?

Only thing is, I'd also like to be able to get at the XML or HTML it's  
producing, for example so I can typeset myself a nice printable form,  
or do post-processing (like analyzing the diffs between GNT editions,  
etc). That poses a couple challenges:

1) There's no "export" (the "save as" only appears to save a list of  
the presently-visible references). I may take a shot at trying to add  
an OSIS export (any tips on where to start from for learning my way  
around the code, appreciated).

2) There doesn't seem to be a way to view a whole book at a time  
(other than small books). For example, I tried to open just "Matthew",  
and it stopped in chapter 7; there's a "more" button that gets me  
another few chapters, but no way to get a whole book? Seems kinda  
weird (though I see a slowdown when I open a lot, it would be nice to  
be able to open a whole book even if I had to wait, if only so I could  
do a whole export!)

Who actually maintains Bible Desktop etc? The license only says it's  
copyrighted by "the authors", and the about box has no names or URIs  



On Tue, Jun 30, 2009 at 8:21 PM, Steve DeRose<sderose at speakeasy.net>  
> Does anyone have code around (maybe in XSLT) that will take two OSIS  
> Bibles,
> and splice them together into a diglot? I?m about to start writing  
> some, but
> if I don?t have to, all the better?.

Is it something similar to BibleDesktop or Alkitab paralel view in
which it display the text from 2 or more Bible side by side ?
If yes, then BibleDesktop or JSword is using xslt for that. So maybe
you can use that xslt as base and modified to fit your need.

Tonny Kohar
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