[sword-devel] SWORD packages in Ubuntu (was: Re: osis2mod segfault )

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Sat Jul 18 16:22:00 MST 2009

Manfred Bergmann wrote:

> btw: why are only the old binaries of SWORD 1.5.9 available as package
> on Ubuntu?

We (The CrossWire Packaging Team) missed the Feature Freeze deadline for
getting SWORD 1.5.11 packages into Jaunty.  Running the command

  rmadison sword

will show you which version of SWORD is included in which releases:

     sword |    1.5.8-8 | dapper/universe | source
     sword | 1.5.9-8ubuntu1 | hardy/universe | source
     sword | 1.5.9-8.1ubuntu1 | intrepid/universe | source
     sword | 1.5.9-8.1ubuntu1 | jaunty/universe | source
     sword | 1.6.0+dfsg-1 | karmic/universe | source

If you would like to install and use our recent SWORD (and BibleTime and
Xiphos and Bibledit and Biblememorizer) packages in Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04,
please browse to


and follow the instructions there to add this PPA to your Ubuntu system.
 Then apt-get (or aptitude or Synaptic or whatever install tool you
prefer!) will find and install the current packages.

Current packages of SWORD, Biblememorizer, Bibledit, BibleTime, and
Xiphos are already in Debian testing (Squeeze) and in Ubuntu Karmic
(which will become 9.10), so the next official release of each
distribution will definitely have these more up to date packages in them.

If you need help configuring your Ubuntu machine(s) to recognize and
install packages from our PPA, please do let me know.


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