[sword-devel] Parsing OSIS Ranges

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Thu Feb 28 11:44:07 MST 2008


Your example shows 1 contiguous verse range, so the output of 1 is correct.

Try a call to:

cout << list.getRangeText() << endl;

A versekey can have upper and lower bounds, so your ListKey container 
has 1 VerseKey with upper and lower bounds set.

Hope this helps and makes sense.

You can also have a look at:


and subsequently the VerseKey::convertToOSIS call:

ACK! How'd those static size buffer get in there!  Well, at least this 
is only a static utility function.  It was probably moved directly from 
a utility into VerseKey.  That needs to be cleaned up...

DM Smith wrote:
> Can someone please help.
> I'm working on getting osis2mod to handle commentaries and  
> annotateRef's argument is an osisRef.
> So, I am trying to parse an osisRef into a verse list with the  
> following but it does not work.
> ListKey list = new ListKey();
> VerseKey verse;
> verse.AutoNormalize(0);
> verse.Headings(1);
> verse.Persist(1);
> ListKey list = verse.ParseVerseList("Gen.1.1-Gen.1.5", 0, true);
> // The following should output 3, but it outputs 1
> cout << list.Count() << endl;
> Many thanks,
>     DM
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