[sword-devel] anybody want help?

jamestech jamestech at 163.com
Wed Feb 27 22:59:23 MST 2008

I am new to 

I am a theology student with computer science degree from China. I always dreamed to write a good bible program if God permit using my spare time for the rest of my life keep it better. However I am not very good at programing although I worked with network managmet for 3 years.

After download the code from website I do not know how to make it work. I think that it because I am lack of exprience of programing. So could someone willing to help me one on one introduce me to this program? Through skype or phone?

I am using E-Sword right now for my class which support a lot of hot keys. Like Ctrl+L can focus on verse choose box. F5 jump to next chapter. I hope I can help with that.

BTW is there a BBS system for this project?

PS: A Chinese bug: In our languages we do not add blank between words, I guess because this prog add blanks between words automaticly. It is ok to read, but after copy and paste it out, it is not good for foramting.

James Pang

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