[sword-devel] bounded searches and new sword

Brian J. Dumont bdumont at ameritech.net
Wed Feb 27 06:15:10 MST 2008

Hi John,

I use bounded searches often, and have been using svn -r 2129 for some
time now, quite successfully.  Maybe one of the newer changes to svn
might be causing a problem.  I might suggest that you back off to 2129
and give it a shot.  That might help you out for right now.

I assume that the developers will want some more system info to try to
reproduce your bug...


John H. wrote:
> I know that svn supposedly fixes the bounded search bug, but I just
> upgraded to that today and it can't see any bible modules in
> gnomesword, so I had to go back to 1.5.10
> is there any way to get bounded searches working before the next
> release of sword?
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