[sword-devel] Calvin's Commentaries and empty footnotes

David (Mailing List & Spam Address) davidslists at gmx.net
Sun Feb 24 13:48:56 MST 2008

On Thursday 07 February 2008 11:28:44 am Luke Plant wrote:
> On Wednesday 06 February 2008 06:45:38 David (Mailing List & Spam
> Address) wrote:
> > On Tuesday 05 February 2008 03:43:46 pm Luke Plant wrote:
> > > For the sake of the archives:  I discovered this was related to the
> > > BibleTime theme.  Changing away from the 'High Contrast' theme
> > > fixed it.
> >
> > I work the Bibletime Display Templates (themes) Can you tell me what
> > version of Bibletime you were using, and if the footnotes are visible
> > if you highlight the area. And also if this is just in the mag
> > display or the main window. I'd like to fix this for future versions
> > of bibletime.
> I'm using BibleTime 1.6.5, (although I think it is actually a CVS
> version, and I had the same with 1.6.4).
> With all themes except 'High Contrast', it works fine.  With 'High
> Contrast', I see a footnote number in the text, in round brackets, like
> this: (1), but superscripted.  In fact, it is always (1), never (2) or
> the numbers that I see with other themes.  When I hover it, nothing
> appears in the 'mag' view.  Sometimes, with the KJV, selecting the text
> near the footnote marker will cause the footnote to appear in the mag.

This is fixed. It was bug 1891358. Seems I was playing with some things in the 
template and somehow some of it made it's way up into the production code. My 

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