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Leandro DUTRA leandro.gfc.dutra at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 15:59:48 MST 2008

2008/2/10, Moses McKnight <moses at skytex.net>:
> So you would rather take jobs from people who need them just as much

I guess I haven't made myself clear: what I have written is that
Roumanians need these jobs much more badly than Germans, lacking the
German welfare system and economic dynamism.

Unemployed Germans have welfare benefits, job opportunities and even
retraining programs.  German workforce is highly valued and there are
simply not enough Germans around, to the point that many jobs in
Germany is done by 'Guest Workers', mainly Turks.  This scarcity leads
to high salaries, which make many products prohibitive to make in
Germany — mainly cheaper ones.

Just take a look at History.  The tendency is that Germany, Japan,
Switzerland et alli concentrate in highly valued products to match the
value of workforce there; for example luxury cars, optics, watches,
pharmaceuticals.  Cell phones once were such products, but they are
ceasing to be.

> give them to someone else?  Sounds like communism...

This is veering more and more offtopic, so please if someone takes
offense just says so and I will stop.

But yes, in the end capitalism does attain some of communism's goals,
without all the atheistic totalitarism.  In this case, distribution of

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