[sword-devel] Portuguese module faq AND Other Bible Texts

Leandro DUTRA leandro.gfc.dutra at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 15:48:46 MST 2008

2008/2/10, André Isidio de Melo <andre260285 at gmail.com>:
> I was reading the discussions about the Bible in Portuguese but I could
> not understand one point.
> I understand that the Bible "João Ferreira de Almeida Atualizada (AA)"

There is no such version.

> is in Public Domain. So, why we just search for one version that is not
> corrupted and/or missing verses?

I didn't quite understand your point.

> I have contacted the author of the site: www.bibliaonline.com.br  asking
> for informations about the the version is in Public Domain and how get
> Copyright authorization. I think he knows something because he maintains
> in his site two versions of the Bible in Portuguese.

Problem is, he doesn't.

He seems to be just a frontend to the Bible Gateway.  Bible Gateway
seems to be used the Unbound Bible text, which not only is corrupted
but is shown to be an unattributed copy of Imprensa Bíblica
Brasileira's Versão Revisada de Acordo com os Melhores Textos em Grego
e em Hebraico.

I have already written Bible Gateway and Unbound Bible about that with
no answers.

> Below is the message I sent him (in Portuguese, sorry):

I appreciate your readiness to help, but a simple search on the
mailing list archives would have saved you the effort.

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