[sword-devel] Alternate versification ....

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue Feb 5 09:11:37 MST 2008

> Chris Little wrote:
>> On Feb 4, 2008, at 3:33 AM, Barry Drake wrote:
>> I'm not aware of their being slow. What's your basis for saying that?
> Under BibleCS, it seems faster than it used to be,  But even now,
> BibleCS takes some four or five seconds to load up the Summa  
> Theologica.
> If most of the overhead is in the ui, then no problem.  I'd just  
> jumped
> to the conclusion that the backend was slow.  Bear in mind that four  
> to
> five seconds on a Desktop PC needs to be multiplied by a whole lot  
> for a
> pocket PC.  And from a purely selfish point of view, I want to be able
> to look at bibles with the DeuteroCanon included both at home and  
> away!

That's all UI. It really isn't optimized (which may be a limitation of  
the control or BCB). Every item in the treeview is added individually.

The treekey/GenBook module access should be fairly straightforward and  
fast. Just try doing mod2imp on a GenBook (with output to a file, not  
the screen, so that you're not limited by screen draws). mod2imp will  
walk the whole book tree, just like BibleCS does when it constructs  
the treeview, but without the UI overhead. Actually, mod2imp does a  
much more work in the API than BibleCS does in a treeview  
initialization since it actually retrieves the contents of every key  
as well. It should be fairly zippy.


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