[sword-devel] Publication: a working processus?

Sebastien Koechlin seb.sword at koocotte.org
Mon Feb 4 07:54:43 MST 2008


I sent a new french translation to modules#crosswire.org on Dec 31, 2007,
there was questions about license on this list. I resubmit it on Jan 16,

There is nothing in the beta repository. I did not received any answer.
While looking into the beta repository, I can see that two other french
translation are waiting for months.

FreMartin: Module Version 1.1 (2007-04-26)
FreCrampon: Module Version 1.0 (2007-04-28)

How does publication works? How long does it takes to publish a new version?
Can I do something to go faster?

Sebastien Koechlin

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