[sword-devel] SWORDWeb / Win32

David Forslund forslund at mail.com
Sat Feb 2 20:19:31 MST 2008

I downloaded and installed  it on my WinXP notebook.   The only issue I 
found was that it wanted to be installed
in the root of the drive I installed it in.   I fired up Tomcat provided 
with it and went to the swordweb page.  That
launched the orb server but only after I put the swordweb directory in 
the root of the file system.  It might be a little nicer if it could 
figure out the relative path instead of the absolute path.  I haven't 
had a chance to look at this in more detail to see where this is 
defined.  But most functions seem to work as expected.


Dave Forslund
Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> I've completed a Win32 precompiled package of SWORDWeb and would love to 
> have some people try it out before we make it known publicly.  There is 
> a toplevel readme file with quick start information.
> Thanks for any time you might give toward this.
>     -Troy.
> http://crosswire.org/ftpmirror/pub/swordweb/win32/
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