[sword-devel] Filters

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Sat Aug 30 19:17:38 MST 2008

Filter gurus:

I'm trying to figure out why calling the GBFOSIS render filter on a
verse results in all of the tags being processed, however, the filter
then claims that it isn't going to do anything about it and just
passes on outputting the OSIS, instead giving me the straight GBF
output.  It seems to be tracked to the value of the keepToken and
handled flag, which are unwaveringly set to 'false' at the beginning
of the run so, while the filter properly pulls all of the data and
WOULD output it correctly, it just skips over doing so.  Is there
something I'm missing?  Or are the filters just really broken?  I'm
laboring to get it outputting properly, so if someone knows that I'm
just throwing a flag in the engine improperly, I'd love to know.


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