[sword-devel] isalnum(3) for i18n

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Mon Aug 11 19:21:03 MST 2008

GnomeSword can create user-editable modules from scratch, and can rename
personal commentary modules.  It needs to guarantee that names offered
are acceptable, and as a fairly bland verification policy, the code
ensures that these name strings conform to isalnum(3).

Now we've got a bug report that such a policy doesn't provide for i18n
names (the bug reporter is Swedish).

Can anybody offer some sample code by which to take a string as pulled
out of a generic GTK dialog result and convert it to a suitable
i18n-compatible format so I can do the similar process using something
like iswalnum(3)?  I don't find much in the way of samples from which to
work with wint_t (or whatever else I would need to use).

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