[sword-devel] GnomeSword 2.3.6 released

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Sun Aug 3 08:19:51 MST 2008

Out the door yesterday.  Intended as the last of our 2.3 development
series; 2.4 to follow in a month or so.

Per-platform binary builds should begin to appear soon.  Our Fedora repo
participant, Deji, tends to get to updates within a week or so; domcox
will surely have something for Ubuntu very soon.

For the first time, I'm generating binaries for Cygwin; references off
the download page at http://gnomesword.sf.net/.  It's not a one-shot
installer, but nonetheless it is easy enough for non-techie users to
download the bits and install them readily.  It seems to me that the
bigger challenge for such folks is Cygwin itself.

Many cool things were done for this release.  Most important is the
prayer list support that has been around for a few months has been
considerably cleaned up, tightened up, and is now what amounts to a
general user-editable module creator facility.  Also, there are some
significant module manager improvements; daily devotionals always open
to today's MM.DD key; verse navigation keyboard shortcuts; some better
tooltips on genbook navbar; and nearly 8000 language abbreviations are

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