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Sat Nov 24 22:02:28 MST 2007

Barry, Troy et al,
I got the Pocket PC x86 emulator working with Troy's new fix to  SWModule.  
Besides the Search (Fi) working I got all the other Options  working.  This is 
powerful stuff in a small container!  I  searched for "amos" in Amos and got 
the seven verses, however "preview" was  blank.  I think we should go ahead and 
show the first verse in preview to  save keystrokes.  Again, I think we 
should hi-light the word(s) or  phrase in each verse. (This is one of my pet peeves 
from BibleCS)   When I had Strong's numbers working I clicked on a number and 
it tried to  bring up the dictionary meaning.  I can see we must bundle the 
Greek and  Hebrew lexicons if we want this to work.  Otherwise this should be 
disabled  if lexicons don't exist. Jesus words showed up nicely in red  but I 
could not seem to get Headings to show because it ran out of memory.
I would remove "Te2" until we have it working. I assume it would give  the 
ability to see another Bible text (e.g.Greek or Hebrew) next to the  KJV.
I'm not sure how bad the memory problem is because it may just be the  
emulator.  Barry,  do you ever run out of memory with your 17 versions  on board?  
The only way I could get past this was to do a shutdown and  start over.  If 
this becomes a "real" problem for the devices we probably  need to redesign how 
much we need to keep in memory. We do not have a disk drive  so reading the 
Storage Card may be closer to reading memory.  Anyway, once  it runs out of 
memory, the emulator version is of no use.
That's my halftime review.  Below are the TODO items, hopefully  close to the 
right order:
(Troy, Barry, feel free to modify according directives from the  community)
1. Resolve if memory is a non-issue
2. Solve the Landscape issue and run on Motorola-Q (Moble-5, Mobile-6,  
3. Add ICU and CURL code?
4. Create an installation package with SwordReader, KJV. Strong's Greek  & 
Hebrew lexicon & Robinson's MAC? (Usually involves a download to  PC and then 
installation to device)
5. If needs be create separate package for landscape or  Smartphones.
6. Fix any important bugs/enhancements along the way. (A daily verse or  
devotional would be a nice addition)
In His Grace,
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