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Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Thu Nov 22 10:46:14 MST 2007

No Barry, these are the right questions.  Good job hunting down the 
search code.  My apologies for not being more responsive.  Just returned 
from a conference and it is a holiday weekend here in the States.

First look, I would change the for loop to something like this:

for (results == TOP; !results.Error(); results++) {

Barry Drake wrote:
> Hi there ........
> I've been looking at the code in SwordReader SwordIndex.cpp.  The 
> following fragment is responsible for retruning and displaying the 
> results of a search.
>     Verse verses(from,to);
>     sword::ListKey results;
>     searcher->setProgress(20);
> // this next call is the one that does the search
>     results=bible->search(
>         toCString(text).c_str(),
>         (method==METHODMULTIWORD)?-2:-1,
>         2 /* case insensitive */,
>         &verses
>     );
> // the above 6 lines carry out the search and return the verse 
> references as a 'ListKey' item
>     for (int i=0;i<results.Count();i++) {
> searcher->addResult(toUString(String(results.getElement(i)->getText())));
>     }
> // the above adds the ListKey elements to the window for display
> This used to work OK in the binaries that Johan Gorter provided in 
> 2004.  Troy has made a few alterations to make the frontend build 
> against the current Sword engine.  Currently, the correct number of 
> search hits are recorded, but all of them show as the first 'hit'.  As 
> an example, searching the book of Amos for 'amos' gets seven hits - the 
> correct number.  But all of them are returned as 'Amos 1:1' which is the 
> first hit. 
> As far as I can see, Troy has not modified anything that could affect 
> the search, so I guess something has changed in the way in which 
> SWModule::search operates.  Has anything changed here that could affect 
> operation?  Or has something changed in the ListKey::GetElement() 
> function?  I hope I'm not asking too dumb a question here.
> God bless, 
> Barry
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