[sword-devel] compiling modules

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 5 20:56:38 MST 2007

On Nov 5, 2007, at 8:47 PM, Beth Bryson wrote:

>> We have some module import documentation in progress on our Wiki at
>> http://www.crosswire.org/wiki/index.php/DevTools:Modules
> Okay, I hadn't poked around the wiki enough--this helps.  But if I  
> want
> to, can I edit it to add a little more info about the tools?  For
> instance, it would be helpful if somewhere what you explained about  
> the
> arguments was available.  Or could I submit suggested edits for  
> someone
> to approve?

	Feel free to modify the wiki to make it more useful. You will need  
an account if you don't have one. I think I set it up that you have  
to have an account for 4 days before you can actually do an edit.  
This was to thwart spammers. So if you can't edit right away either  
wait a few days or send the edits to this list and we will do it for  
Working together in Him,
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