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Sat Mar 10 22:50:29 MST 2007

Thanks for the great work you guys do over at Biola and for your 
encouragement and offer to help with ideas.

Yes, this would allow deuterocanonical books.

Yes, you have the current plan correctly outlined.  Work has been 
started.The goal is to take a module like LXXM:


which is currently imported as a SWORD General Book (General Books use a 
TreeKey index, as you can see from the left navigation) and to make it 
accessible via a new specialized VerseKey descendant (VerseKey is what 
SWORD Bibles use).  The new TreeKey subclass will be implemented to 
merely walk the existing TreeKey index of the General Book module format 
to get it's data (books, chapter max, verse max, etc) and will position 
the TreeKey to the appropriate node when it is positioned to, say, "John 

I started the work a really long time ago and think I merely got the 
classes in place.  I can't remember actually.  I remember it was more 
ugly than I thought.  Anyone is welcome to have a look and try to 
understand where I was headed.  If you have questions, I'll try to answer.

I would also love to have this completed but just haven't had the time 
or motivation to jump back in.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A few good places to start looking:

The new VerseTreeKey class:

The genbook driver (search for 'verse'):

The SWMgr class looks for a new property in a module's .conf file 
(search for "KeyType"):


Greg Hellings wrote:
> I agree with Jeremy.  This seems like an ideal time to surge forward
> in the alternate versification planning.  Last I had heard there were
> already significant plans/work in place already on this, is that true?
>  I thought the plan was to use a TreeKey with an interface that
> allowed existing use of the VerseKey interface to automatically map to
> the proper portion of the tree for selected verses to allow current
> clients to continue working with the library.  Is that approximately
> right?
> How much work has been done on it?  What remains to tackle?
> --Greg
> On 3/10/07, Jeremy Brown <jeremy.brown at biola.edu> wrote:
>> That is really great. I don't post here much (ever?) but I am appreciative
>> of the work Crosswire does.
>> I have a question, in the face of the coming onslaught of Bible
>> translations.  It regards the versification schemes.  I know people always
>> ask about that, and it is on the to-do list.  But I wonder if now would be
>> a great time to do something about the problem.  Right now (if I'm wrong,
>> forgive me), Sword seems to take non-KJV versification schemes and squish
>> them into KJV chapter/verse format.  I have tried to work up an alternate
>> solution and basically I know that there is no perfect answer - every
>> solution has its trade offs.  However, since has an enormous number of
>> translations, and probably many of those don't fit the KJV versification
>> model (they may follow the model of the national language where they were
>> translated, or merge multiple verses together e.g. verse 1-7), it seems
>> like if you can plan a strategy and deal with the issue now, you won't
>> have to code all those translations once, and then recode them again when
>> you do make the change.
>> I currently have about 30-40 Bibles/testaments that are mapped/partially
>> mapped to the verse system in the NRSVA.  The original versification is
>> preserved in the database, but also the matching verse number in the
>> NRSVA.  There are some things I would have done differently, that I now
>> know about.  If you are interested in hearing more from me about this, I'd
>> be happy to share.  You may already have some ideas in the works, I don't
>> know.
>> Keep up the good work!
>> Jeremy
>> sword-devel at crosswire.org on Saturday, March 10, 2007 at 11:00 AM -0800
>> wrote:
>>> With great joy, I would like to officially announce that CrossWire and
>>> Wycliffe have entered into an agreement which allows us to distribute,
>>> royalty free, Wycliffe Bible translations, anywhere in the world, for an
>>> initial 5 year trial period.
>>> This is huge answer to prayer.
>>> A number of years ago, when we first started working with Wycliffe,
>>> we had talks about publishing their Scripture translations.  They
>>> proceeded to tell us of the internal struggles between those who wished
>>> to release their work for free, and others who held that the
>>> organization needed to continue to charge royalties for their work to
>>> allow them to continue work into the future.
>>> About a year ago Wycliffe started a project to use our software to
>>> publish their Bibles online, themselves.
>>> This contract allows CrossWire to distribute all of their Bibles freely
>>> in all of our software!
>>> The papers came officially signed in the mail today.  We are hoping to
>>> have data files start coming in over the next couple weeks.  We could
>>> really use help in many new areas as we start to bring these great
>>> resources online.
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