Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sat Mar 10 14:40:49 MST 2007

Thanks to everyone who chimed in on the different channels. A few comments.

> there was also a
> large corpus of work in the extra-Biblical field that they were
> working with.  Are those also part of the agreement, or does it cover
> strictly Wycliffe's scriptural translations?
This license deals specifically with Bible translations. Here is the 
pertinent line from the contract:

The vernacular language edition(s) of the Scriptures, in various 
languages, copyrighted by SIL Intl and assigned to Wycliffe Bible 
Translators Intl. and the Bible League, which are published by the 
Assigned in strict compliance with the copyright laws and in strict 
compliance with Licensor’s specifications are hereinafter referred to as 

Wycliffe is a great organization and have always been kind to us. If 
relationships continue to trend in the same direction, I am hopeful that 
we might have the opportunity to work together in more areas.

> What kind of help is needed?
We should already have conversion scripts for most of their texts. It 
will be a matter of processing each one when they come in.
We'll need to establishing some unique name for each, following our 
loose standard of using LangABBREV ('drop Lang if English).
SWORDWeb will need to have a language selector tool instead of listing 
Bibles monolithically, like we currently do.

> I've been using Boost::regex for conversion-like tasks .... with a 
> "hold-your-nose template" that I could perhaps adapt to help out.
Most of their Bible are likely already converted to OSIS because of the 
work done to make these same Bibles available using SWORDWeb on 
Wycliffe's own website. But thanks for offering. I'll let you know when 
I see the data.


Correction to my initial email:

for an initial 5 year trial period.

should read (from the text of the agreement):

an initial term of three (/3/) years commencing on the 1st day of/ 
March, 2007,/ and terminating on the 1st day of March, 2010 and shall 
continue in effect thereafter for an additional five (/5/) year term 
unless and until either party to this Agreement elects to deliver to the 
other written notice of termination via certified mail within the 90-day 
period of time.

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