Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Fri Mar 9 23:58:42 MST 2007

With great joy, I would like to officially announce that CrossWire and 
Wycliffe have entered into an agreement which allows us to distribute, 
royalty free, Wycliffe Bible translations, anywhere in the world, for an 
initial 5 year trial period.

This is huge answer to prayer.

A number of years ago, when we first started working with Wycliffe, 
we had talks about publishing their Scripture translations.  They 
proceeded to tell us of the internal struggles between those who wished 
to release their work for free, and others who held that the 
organization needed to continue to charge royalties for their work to 
allow them to continue work into the future.

About a year ago Wycliffe started a project to use our software to 
publish their Bibles online, themselves.

This contract allows CrossWire to distribute all of their Bibles freely 
in all of our software!

The papers came officially signed in the mail today.  We are hoping to 
have data files start coming in over the next couple weeks.  We could 
really use help in many new areas as we start to bring these great 
resources online.

Please join with me in excitement and in lifting up all praise to our 
God!!!  It is a beautiful thing to see the Body of Christ work together 
to proclaim His Great News to a needing world!

	-Troy A. Griffitts

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