[sword-devel] Fonts

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Sun Jun 24 18:27:13 MST 2007

There is now a beginning of a wiki page on Fonts.

A couple days ago, I encountered the "Linux Libertine" fonts.  I find
this very useful because it has high quality characters for all of
Latin, Hebrew, and Greek.  This is important to me especially due to
commentaries which intermix them all.  E.g. Hodge's _Systematic
Theology_ routinely uses quotations in multiple languages to bolster
his points.  I can't even read Hebrew but most typical fonts still
look like crud for Hebrew.  (The Fedora7 standard "Sans" font shows
very thin Hebrew characters.)

Anyone wishing to embellish the wiki page is welcome to take a shot.

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