[sword-devel] WEB Sword Module

Kahunapule Michael Johnson kahunapule at mpj.cx
Sat Jun 23 22:40:58 MST 2007

Dear Joshua:

This is a problem with The Sword Project engine used by Gnomesword. It
does not handle white space properly on some module types. It also
affects MacSword. I don't know if an update is available directly from
Crosswire.org that fixes that, yet, or not.


Joshua David wrote:
> Dear Mr. Johnson,
> I recently downloaded Gnomesword onto my computer running Xubuntu
> (Fiesty Fawn Release)
> I also downloaded the W.E.B. module, and was reading that this
> evening. I think you are probably aware of this, but I though I might
> tell you.
> On my operating system some of the words seem run together, and the
> words of Christ in red seems a bit messed up. (e.g. John 1:39)
> Is this a problem with the W.E.B. module, or is it with the Gnomesword
> softare?
> -Joshua

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