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Jason Brooks jbrooks at kinex.net
Wed Jun 20 18:22:33 MST 2007

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Karl Kleinpaste wrote:
> "Jason Brooks" <jbrooks at kinex.net> writes:
>> I created the Institutes module, but haven't used it much.  Can you point
>> me to a reference where the whitespace problem arises?  If I can find it,
>> I'll see what I can do to fix it.
> The problem is that recent Sword lib code (in SVN, post-1.5.9) fails
> to handle genbook keys that contain leading or trailing whitespace.
> On the one hand, a code fix is needed so as to continue to be able to
> handle the already-out-in-the-public copies of these modules, as they
> are.  But a module update should be made to eliminate the whitespace.
> Fortunately, that's as simple as
>         mod2imp Institutes > institutes.imp
>         imp2gbs institutes.imp
> because the act of re-importation in current Sword utilities
> eliminates that whitespace.
Thanks Karl. I've tried building the mod per your description to correct
the whitespace issue.  However, running a recently downloaded imp2gbs
out of pub/sword/utils/win(32?)/imp2gbs, it fails to execute,
complaining.  Don't remember the error now.  I'll look tomorrow and send
it out.


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