[sword-devel] Internal cross-references within a module

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 20 07:21:48 MST 2007

As I noted in the prior thread, I am working on the NASB Greek and 
Hebrew lexicon. One of the features of most dictionaries, and these 
lexicons are no exception, are internal cross-references. That is, it is 
typical for one entry to say "See xxx".

At this time Sword does not support such references, but assumes that 
all are references to a Bible.

I want to verify what I think the agreeable mechanism is for an OSIS 
document and I'd like to know what the comparable mechanism is for TEI.

For OSIS, an osisRef can have a work prefix and if it is not present it 
defaults to Bible:. I think we said that we would use "self" as the work 
prefix for self references.

So, <reference osisRef="self:G0019!a">ἀγαθουργέω</reference> would the 
appropriate way to have an internal cross-reference?

Also, since these are integral to the dictionary, the user should not 
have the ability to hide them.

I think that we could hack this as <w 
lemma="strong:G0019!a>ἀγαθουργέω</w>, but that just seems wrong.

But I'm not using OSIS, because it does not really have the elements for 
a dictionary and Chris has created a TEI Filter, which he recommends for 
dictionary work.

So what is the proper way to mark up a reference in TEI?

And if this markup requires changes to Sword API, then it will need to 
be done before the NASB Greek and Hebrew lexicons can be released.

In His Service,

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