[sword-devel] talk radio for Sword Project

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Mon Jun 18 16:30:19 MST 2007

Terry Biggs and I did a 20-minute talk radio spot on WORD 101.5FM
Pittsburgh today.  We got a good chance to talk about the value of
having lots of materials at hand, why we write software and give it
away, and the problem of getting non-technical people to take the
plunge into computer-based Bible study.

My woman tells me that our interview came across very well, and was in
fact quite funny at times.  Even the front desk secretary told us how
much she liked it.

The hosts were very impressed to see GnomeSword on my laptop,
mentioning specifically cleanliness and lack of clutter, such as one
finds on web-based Bible sites.

I would have liked the chance to talk about such possibilities as
getting the Bible into restricted countries where they currently have
to be smuggled, but there wasn't time.  Also I would have mentioned
other players in the game (e-Sword, NET Bible giveaways, Libronix,
Accordance), but again the time constraint was tight -- I even had
them all running on my laptop, ready to bring up for demo, but getting
that far in 20 minutes was just a dream.

But best of all, a link to crosswire.org is now on the page for the
afternoon show on which we appeared, and one of the hosts specifically
said that such a link would go _permanently_ on their front page.  I
guess we did something right.

Poke at http://www.wordfm.com/ and see the "John & Stephanie Show"
image in the middle.  Someone with access to Crosswire's httpd logs
should watch for wordfm.com referers.


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