[sword-devel] Max number of GenBook entries (MacSword search)

Manfred Bergmann bergmannmd at yahoo.de
Sat Jun 9 04:31:03 MST 2007


For a search operation I need to know the number of all entries in a  
GenBook like Hesychius.
Can someone please provide a code snipped for this?

Btw: I'm almost finished with reworking the whole MacSword search and  
index engine.
After some investigation for ObjC Lucene implementations and wrappers  
and native Sword search, I noticed that Apple has the SearchKit  
framework which is available since Mac OSX 10.3.
SearchKit is actually the framework on which Spotlight technology is  
build upon in Tiger systems.
Upcomming MacSword versions will use this for searching and indexing.  
Completely got rid of the JavaVM in MacSword which reduces memory  
consumption and is easier to debug.
Searching now is more relyable and faster. Ranges work again and  
indexing is also faster.


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