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John Gammon zorkerbatman at ameritech.net
Fri Aug 24 07:36:33 MST 2007

I have been lurking on this list for about a week now.  I was overjoyed to find this software and effort available in the open source arena.  I have a keen interest in sermons and bible school materials.  I am in the process of writing materials and endeavoring to make the materials available for use in this software.

I have the OSIS standards manual from the bibletechnologies site.  I have been reading it and have gone so far as to download the latest osisCore.2.1.1.xsd to my hard drive so that I may begin work on some textual sermon modules.

Is anyone on this list creating any other of the J.W. McGarvey works in module format, specifically the OSIS xml?  Please reply with title and location of work.  I use many of McGarvey's works in my personal studies.

Thank you,


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