[sword-devel] Best way to encode interlinear texts in OSIS?

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Thu Aug 9 12:54:11 MST 2007

It seems to me like there are basically two types of interlinear texts. 
There's a basic line-aligned type, where each line is followed by the 
corresponding line from the other text. This can be encoded in linear 
order within a single document by using two different workIDs in the 
osisIDs for the two distinct texts.

Then there's the world-aligned type, where each word is presented with 
its correlate(s) in a column. I think this is the more typical sort 
today, with a line of the original text and glosses to each of its words 
written below. This can be encoded using <w> elements on each of the 
words of the primary text. The glosses can go in (appropriately enough) 
the gloss attribute. This is basically their intended use.


Kahunapule Michael Johnson wrote:
> Any suggestions on the best way to encode interlinear texts in OSIS?
> Take a look at a good Greek/English interlinear New Testament for an
> idea of what I'm talking about.
> My current idea is to encode the translations a separate works, but add
> milestone markers at sync points to each translation. Any other thoughts?
> Michael
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