[sword-devel] publishing user-authored modules

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Mon Aug 6 09:54:27 MST 2007

Karl and Peter,

These are great ideas!  A week or so ago I added 
http://crosswire.org/community as a place to start putting up community 
collaboration tools we've been talking about for quite a while now.  I 
was going to start by developing a web-based genbook creator tool which 
would allow contributors to develop an index of the CSNTM resources for 
display with the Papyri tool we've had kindof working and sitting around 
for a while now.

The goal with the community tools is to allow anyone to contribute to a 
data repository which will be freely downloadable for programmatic use 
(of course as a sword module, but easily exportable or even downloadable 
in other formats).

I have been asking around about a very simple and light community 
framework which easily allows adding custom tools, as most everything we 
add will be custom.  I'd rather us not write it ourselves if we can find 
something that is not overkill and works well for us.

This would be a great place to add a web frontend to browse user 
submitted modules, and as Peter suggests, allow people to upload and 
work on modules as a group.

Thanks for the ideas!  Excited to develop this stuff together.


Familie von Kaehne wrote:
> I think this is a brilliant idea. I would take this one step further -
> if tehre were tools for collaborative working - modules get checked in
> and out via a subversion style mchanism - this would be a way of
> allowing authoring collectives to eiter import big stuff or create from
> scratch.
> Peter
> Karl Kleinpaste wrote:
>> Thanx to Troy yesterday for a private suggestion that worked around my
>> problem with search framework.
>> I have a longer-term question to raise, something to give thought, as to
>> what Sword might/should offer in the way of future infrastructure.
>> Probably the most common request we get for new GnomeSword features is
>> authoring support.  Generally this revolves around the desire of some to
>> be able to write up sermons and other personal commentary, or to develop
>> prayer lists and customized devotionals.  So I'm developing a thought
>> for how to go about an import operation.  But the Really Big Deal beyond
>> merely creating such modules is sharing them.
>> By comparison, Libronix has what they call the "sermon add-in".  This is
>> a means by which pastors and other authors can prepare their own texts
>> so they can then be automatically shared with others.
>> It's this latter capability that intrigues me.  As I work up the
>> importer concept for GS, the basics of getting the user to identify the
>> text features, collect all the needed *.conf info, pass the text through
>> one of the available tools, these are operations that are
>> straightforward.  We even have an Archive button in our module manager,
>> which drops a *.zip of the named modules.
>> What would be really cool is if we could also offer a Publish button,
>> whereby users could develop some community in the form of being able to
>> share modules they've created.
>> I perceive that this is a bigger issue than GnomeSword, that it ought to
>> have some serious infrastructural support, specifically that the Sword
>> install manager class could provide for the definition of upload
>> repositories to which modules could be sent on demand.  In the same way
>> that download repositories can be specified by host+directory, I'd like
>> to be able to offer to users, "Publish: send your module out into the
>> world so others benefit from what you've learned/produced/written,"
>> where the resulting uploaded module is then made available in a
>> downloadable state for others to retrieve.  The upload repository should
>> have some brief automated analysis of uploaded content to ensure that a
>> legitimately-formatted module is in place (e.g. mods.d/foo.conf, and
>> that DataPath matches what's found in modules/what/ever/foo), and having
>> thus confirmed general module sanity, move it into place for download.
>> Anyone else have related thoughts?
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