[sword-devel] Some mistakes in WHNU module

Costas Stergiou csterg at ece.ntua.gr
Sun Sep 17 07:46:05 MST 2006

I found some errors in WHNU module:


1.	There are 29 cases of greek words between <>. These appear as
alternate readings (I think always). The <> should be removed (they should
not enclose the greek words).
2.	There are 3 cases: Mk 14:33, 2Cor 12:15 and 1 more I cannot remember
that the <div>.</div> for alternate readings are not correct (one into
another). It is easy to find by doing a simple regex of the form
<div.+?>.+?</div> and see what cases to not obey to this rule.


In Christ,






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