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Been  slow going still, but have updated the demo a little.  It uses  
something more interesting: P46, page 1, recto.

It now auto-zooms  the image to the width of your browser, on load.  You 
can still use  the mouse-wheel to zoom as you'd like.

New boxes duplicate the  dimensions of the last box and are initially 
positioned to something sane  based on which (before/after) link was clicked.

You can actually type  the letter on your keyboard to perform the 
transcription (provided you can  switch to a Unicode keyboard IME-- works 
in GNOME).

The current  image is about 6 megs, so it might take a little while to 
load the  page.  Something in production would probably initially load a 
lower  res images until zoom level required more... but this is just a 
concept  app.

I think I still need to redo the design to work well in  IE.

Anyway, have a look if you're  interested.



Hi Troy,
I'm using IE 7 RC1 now, and the loading is interminable (on dial-up).   The 
windows are very hard to size, the right side won't move at all.  And  the 
scroll wheel is just jumping the image around, not zooming.  



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