[sword-devel] BibleCS i18n

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sun Sep 3 17:40:14 MST 2006

Eeli and others,
    I've updated BibleCS for all strings I could find.  There are no 
outstanding areas which need i18n support THAT I KNOW OF.  Please report 
soon if you find any I missed.  Eeli, your fi.conf file was invaluable.  
Thank you so much.  I've updated it with the additional strings that 
I've found.  If you have a chance, please have a look at the end where I 
placed the yet untranslated strings.  Also, the module options and their 
hints are now fully i12ized.  They are just above the strings at the 
bottom and still need some work.

    Anyone wishing to submit updated locale files should use fi.conf as 
an example, as it is now, hopefully, has an entry for all strings 
available for translation.



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