[sword-devel] formatting in v-p-l sources

Natevw natevw at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 29 08:36:48 MST 2006

Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> Nate,
>     Your question needs a little modification...
>     No import format, including VPL determines what feature might be in 
> the text.
>     The import format is forgotten after the import tool is done with it.
>     You must decide, and place in your .conf file, the source tagging of 
> your text: OSIS, GBF, ThML, etc.  All of these tag formats support 
> rendering of added words.  For example, if you choose OSIS, you would 
> use the <transChange type="added"> tag.
>     Hope this makes sense.

I think so. So, basically, I can just add tags to the VPL format:

Mat 1:16 ...
Mat 1:17 So all the generations from Abraham to David, <transChange 
type="added">are</transChange> fourteen generations; ...
Mat 1:18 ...

and note that in my conf file, and let the encoder will do the rest.

So the modules are stored in an internal format that has some flexible 
resemblance to other standards (OSIS/GBF/etc.), not just some sort of 
packaged version of the source?


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