[sword-devel] basiv v11n mapper available

Martin Gruner mg.pub at gmx.net
Wed Jun 28 12:55:36 MST 2006


in the SVN module "sword-tools":/versification/mapper you can find a first 
attempt at mapping of OSIS schema data. A perl script reads in the data 
available from http://www.ccel.org/refsys/refsys.html and puts it into two 
sqlite3 databases.

The first one, v11n-schema.db, is about 7.6 Megs and contains the full osis 
The second one, v11n-mapping.db, is about 1.1 Megs and contains the mapping 
data, where schemas do differ.

A little perl program demonstrates how to use the mapping data. To try it out, 
you'll need perl, sqlite3, libdbi-perl and libdbd-sqlite-perl. It will 
perform the db access. The fact that it is about 50 lines shows how easy 
using the db is.

I chose sqlite3 because it is index based, supports ACID (transactions) and 
lightning fast. Applications could do all kinds of fancy things with these 
databases. A C interface exists, and I guess that bindings for other 
languages are available too. If desired, a C++ class for Sword can be written 
which uses the db to perform the mappings. At least the mappings db would 
have to be part of the Sword distribution then.

It should also be possible to add to the perl script so that it produces other 
file formats in addition to sqlite, which other frontends might need 
(jsword?). Please let me know, feedback is appreciated.

I hope this brings us closer to full v11n support in Sword.


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