[sword-devel] BibleCS 1.5.8rc3

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 27 14:34:50 MST 2006

    Looks good!

I think that the speed button with the "Lemma" tooltip is not obvious as 
an equivalence to the Option -> Strong's Numbers.

When I first installed the app, the "Words of Christ in Red" was set to 
off, but they came up in Red. I verified that this is a problem in 
1.5.6. Once it is set, it is correct from that point forward. Probably 
saved in options.conf.

I also took a look at KJV2006, comparing it to the current KJV to see if 
the former is ready for release. (This is not a question of whether 
1.5.8 is ready.)

There is a problem if there are more than one Strongs number. The first 
one shows up correctly the second does not. See Gen 1.1 "created" for 
both KJV and KJV2006. In the KJV it shows each number separately, the 
KJV2006 corrupts the second.

Ditto for morphology, but I could not find an example in the current KJV.

Titles (aka Headings) still need some work. There are a few problems.
1) When showing the first chapter, the title of the book and the title 
of the chapter are shown after the centered heading Chapter 1.
The book title should show before the centered heading "Chapter 1".
(Note, the KJV has as part of its text book and chapter titles. 
Typically the chapter titles are Chapter 1. But for the Psalms they are 
Psalm 1. Books with a single chapter don't have chapter titles.)
2) The subType="x-preverse" for the Psalm titles are not showing up 
"preverse". (Note in the KJV, they are present twice. See Psalm 3 for an 
example.) This may be due to changing subtype to subType in the module, 
according to the OSIS spec.
3) In KJV2006 the Psalm titles are marked canonical="true" and should 
not be turned off when "Headings" is off.

The last verse of the Pauline epistles contains a <div 
type="colophon">...</div>. I think that a div should be preceded by a 
blank line, or at least start on a new line. (See II Cor 16.24 for an 
example) Perhaps add some other styling, e.g. italics.

The paragraph marker milestones are not being rendered.

There are some notes of type x-StrongsMarkup that should not appear. 
(See II Cor 16.24 for an example) These are encoder notes. I can take 
them out of the module, but keep them in the xml source.

<divineName>Lord</divineName> is not being rendered in small caps.

In His Service,

Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> New Release Candidate ready for testing.
> New Features:
> Compiled against latest SVN of SWORD engine.
> Compiled against latest SVN of clucene (please delete and recreate any 
> previously generated indecies before reporting bugs against searching)
> Newly added support (in engine) to look for books in ../library/ to 
> support the proposed layout: Program Files\CrossWire\library\
> New speedbuttons for most popular options
> New smart help for searching strongs numbers (right-click on a strongs 
> number and choose search)
> http://crosswire.org/sword/ALPHAcckswwlkrfre22034820285912/alpha/BibleCS-1.5.8rc3.zip
> Appreciate any testing you might do.
>     For His Glory and a lost world,
>        -Troy.
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