[sword-devel] Building on Apple Mac

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 6 03:34:07 MST 2006

I am trying to build Sword on an Intel Mac in XCode. Has anyone done  
this successfully? If so what are the steps in doing it? Are the  
project files anywhere that can be shared?

I have had success with the typical UNIX run, but I had to make one  
adjustment. The program llibtoolize is glibtoolize, and there are  
both libtool and glibtool. It turns out that that the autogen.sh  
needs LTIZE to be set to glibtoolize and that it builds a libtool  
script that calls /usr/bin/libtool and not /usr/bin/glibtool, which  
is correct.

So the sequence of commands is:
LTIZE=glibtool ./autogen.sh

In His Service,

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