[sword-devel] Recruiting Page: Help Wanted

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Mon Jun 5 16:35:21 MST 2006

For all who are eagerly looking for a place to get involved here at 
CrossWire.  We've spent some time developing a recruiting page on the 
wiki.  It's not pretty, but it lists some of the currently hot areas 
where we could really use your help.


It's not meant as a place for a general active project post, e.g. you'll 
not see something like "BibleCS - Always looking for volunteers". 
Rather, this is a place for current activities where CrossWire is 
helping out external organizations, or where an ongoing project has a 
certain task pressing where they could use volunteers to help.

It's also just a good place for us to stay in communication so we know 
what is hot and in the works here at CrossWire.

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