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David Overcash funnylookinhat at gmail.com
Sat Jun 3 08:08:42 MST 2006

Moldodován brings up a really good point that I don't think this team has
ever attempted to tackle, and that's translating several key areas of the
crosswire website (if not the whole thing) for people who do not speak
english.  After all, isn't our goal to be able to provide a bible in any
language that has a translation through the crosswire site and the sword

I suppose one could write off using google translator or a similiar tool but
that seems to half-hearted on our end when we are pushing so strongly for
all of these non-english translations.

Troy, has this been attempted before?  Do you see a feasible way to work
that into our current site structure without a total re-write?  Has anyone
ever undertaken a project like this before that would know the amount of
hours involved?

Just some thoughts,

David Overcash

On 6/1/06, Moldován Norbert <moldovan_norbert at c2.hu> wrote:
> I found this excelent christian website, and I thought, that it would be
> wounderful if other hungarians could read it. so I can help U in some
> translation.
> God bless the project!!! <J.Ch.>{
>                                   Norbs
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