[sword-devel] LcdBible YAB 1.40n

L.Allan-pbio paraclete at bibleinverse.org
Mon Aug 28 03:39:14 MST 2006

Here is a link to the 1.40n Y)et A)nother B)eta of LcdBible:

There are several differences from the 1.31m version:

* Find Word(s) MRU (most recently used). The 20+ previous searches are 
kept in a drop-down combo-box, and preserved in the registry from 
session to session (mea culpa ... long overdue).

* "incremental searching" ...
An Options Dialog setting (and RMB pop-up menu-item) enables a search 
to be done after every character has been entered (for the sixth and 
subsequent characters). Seems to work fine with a reasonably modern 
computer, and acceptable with an older 400mhz test computer. Uncheck 
the "Slow Comptr" setting in the Options-Dialog to see the Find 
Word(s) highlighted.

A "mini-tutorial" of how to use incremental searching:
- RMB (right mouse button) within the main Text-Viewer and click on 
the pop-up menu item for "Incremental Search"
- F3 as shortcut to move the cursor to the Find Word(s) Input Field
- slowly type in the charactes: b.o.d.y. .t.e.m.p.l.e
-  and then {TAB} and then {F3}
- quickly type in characters: b.l.e.s.s.e.d.   .p.e.r.s.e.c.u.t.e.d
- Ctrl-O to open the Options-Dialog (or click on the Options Button)
- Uncheck the "Slow Comptr" setting
     (purpose is to avoid a slooooow step in certain searches)
- Click on the done button
- F3 to the Input Field
- Again type in
- b.o.d.y. .t.e.m.p.l.e  and then  b.l.e.s.s.e.d. .p.e.r.s.e.c.u.t.e.d

* With the WEB, BerBible now "pays attention" to:
<RF>Publisher/translator Comments<Rf>  (look at Gen 1)
<TH>Psalm heading<Th>  (look at Ps 3 and Ps 119)
<TS>Song of Solomon speaker<Ts> (look at Song of Solomon 1)

* Cleanup up some unused RMB pop-up menu items
* Separate checkboxes for WOC and Verse-Per-Line formatting

* Note that RMB on the TitleBar should indicate 2006-Aug-27a

* Older Installer that doesn't incorporate changes to BibleCS 
* May not correctly handle newer osis tags for ESV, NET, KJV2006 
poetic line breaks and paragraph grouping ... waiting for "the dust to 
settle" on this
* Handling of gbf <RF> is clunky ... working on handling actual RTF 
HYPERLINK as "hover tool-tip"

Feedback appreciated.

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