[sword-devel] Changes not saved to personal commentary - Possible x86-64 bug in Linux (FC4) - Ref. BibleTime

Jason Brooks jbrooks at kinex.net
Thu Aug 24 08:54:54 MST 2006

    If it's a consolation, I've seen something similar, on the surface
with my new PC.  Windows XP Media Center.  2.8 Ghz dual core, 1GB RAM.
 I had issues wit the personal commentary on an old pc where it
wouldn't display properly - more like the RTF codes inbedded.  Now, I
get a blank commentary after saving.  I'll look at some similar things
when I get home and have the time to try and compare more closely.


<quote who="Gabriel M. Beddingfield">
> Hi Sword devs!
> There's a BibleTime bug report that I think may actually be a Sword bug.
>   However, I don't know enough about Sword to even confirm that it is.
> Would anyone be able to help me at least figure out whose bug this is?
> Here's a link to the BibleTime bug report:
> http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1255685&group_id=954&atid=100954
> Here's a brief summary:
> User can write notes to personal commentary, but it's write-once and
> then read only.  When a verse is edited and saved, it appears to save
> with no error.  However, when updating the verse the edits do not
> appear.  Upon inspection, the following anomolies appear:
> 1. The record files in the module's data directory do not have the
>     write flag set.
> 2. Many records appear to have corrupt filenames (e.g. "??" is one
>     file name, "??0000" is another.  Some files have names that are
>     7-digit numbers, some have 14-digit numbers.)
> We've played with umask settings, user permissions, and install
> locations.  Nothing seems to affect the issue.  AFAIK, nobody can
> reproduce this bug except the user on x86-64.  However, I know of no
> other x86-64 testers.  For all these reasons I think it's an issue with
> libsword on x86-64 Linux.
> Vitol statistics:
> OS: Fedora Core 4
> Hardware:  x86-64
> Bibletime:  1.5.2 thru CVS HEAD
> Sword:  1.5.8
> It would be nice if there was a command-line sort of program that ran
> specific tests on the sword library to test for these sorts of errors
> (thus eliminating BibleTime as the cause).  However, I don't know enough
> of the Sword API to do this effectively.
> Any help would be appreciated!
> On a realted note.....
> When poking around in the code, I found a few related items:
> 1. The property RawFiles::isWritable() (src/modules/comments/rawfiles/
>     rawfiles.cpp) is based on a cached value, and doesn't change
>     dynamically if the underlying files happen to change.
>     However, this is understandable given the nature
>     of *most* Sword modules.
> 2. The method RawFiles::setEntry() (src/modules/comments/rawfiles/
>     rawfiles.cpp) calls FileDesc::write(), which returns the number
>     of bytes written or -1 on error.  However, the error condition
>     is not checked.  It might be a good idea to check and handle
>     that.
> BTW, I'm very thankful for Sword and The CBS!  You guys are awesome!
> Peace,
> Gabriel
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