[sword-devel] BibleCS FC3 installer

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 23 12:43:24 MST 2006

I have put together an installer for release candidate rcF3.

It needs to be tested. Please try it and provide feedback.

Some features (no particular order and only the ones I can recall quickly)
a) Installer calls InstallManager.exe -init. This is useful when the 
program is installed from a CD as it remembers the CD drive which was 
used to do the install.
b) Uninstaller calls InstallManager.exe -uninstall, which now asks the 
user whether they want to remove all modules.
c) The user is given the option of creating "shortcuts" to the start menu.
d) The user is given the option to see the readme and/or to run the program.
e) The user can choose the language for the installer and uninstaller. 
It's not perfect as some English remains, e.g. the program name.
f) The user can re-run the installer and it will only update changed 
files. This is useful if we need to update the installer.
g) The installer checks to see if the user has "Administrator" 
permission to do the install and exits with an English message giving 
instructions if they don't.
h) The installer is written in such a way that it should be pretty easy 
to build other CrossWire windows installers with it (e.g. BibleDesktop, 
i) There are some new shortcuts in the start menu program group.
j) When installing over top of 1.5.6 it will cleanly upgrade it.
k) When installing to a directory that does not currently contain 
mods.d, it will arrange to have modules placed in ../library.
l) Sets SWORD_PATH to the module directory.

Some scenarios:
a) Install over an existing 1.5.6 installation. It should upgrade it 
b) Install adjacent to 1.5.6. It will leave 1.5.6 alone for the most 
part, but the Add/Remove programs will be upgraded to 1.5.8. Also, it 
will have modules in C:/Program Files/CrossWire/library.
c) Install to a directory containing mods.d and the program will use 
that location for modules.

This is the installer:

There also is a file containing the NSIS setup files (Containing 
README.txt for the intrepid):

In His Service,

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