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Simon Quantrill simon.quantrill at gmail.com
Sat Aug 19 00:55:25 MST 2006

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DM Smith wrote:

> You will need to look at the license that accompanied the Bible to see 
> if it allows you to do what you wish.

Apart from copyright on the back of the case it says nothing about
license, it's a cd with html pages
on I bought the cd a few months back; but when I got the cd it needs
windows to run I don't use windows so I paid for something I can't use.

Looking at the cd it just runs a web application I tried this in cross
office but it does't work.

I can view the pages using a standard web browser but like I said I
would like it to be viewable in my current viewer (gnomesword)

As its for personel use I didnt think this would break any license sorry..

> We do not provide tools to migrate copyrighted works into Sword format.

ok guess I need to do it manually thanks for the help

> We do not provide tools to migrate from other licensed formats into 
> Sword format.

Ok understood.

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