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Barry Drake b.drake at ntlworld.com
Wed Aug 16 23:20:29 MST 2006

Hi Greg ..........

Greg Hellings wrote:
> I remember some discussion on the BT mailing list a little while back 
> regarding linked verses.  There should be a way to work through it on 
> all of the front-ends.  I believe they did a string comparison to see 
> if the two returns were equal and if they were, then they did not 
> include the second version of the string.  
That's how it works.
> As the move towards multiple versification schemes this will probably 
> become a more critical issue to support, would it not?
The move to multiple versification schemes seems to have a very low 
priority these days.  I believe it's essential to have them.  We already 
carry more than one incomplete version.  The LXX and its translations 
and the Vulgate simply don't have all the books.  NET is working on the 
Apocrypha and will need support for that in the next major release and 
so on ....  as Chris Little pointed out, the subject is fairly complex 
as there are a number of differing versification schemes in common use!  
Actually, versions with linked verses could be said to be an alternate 
versification.  Maybe there could be a better way to support them as a 
part of alternate versification?  It would need to have chapter, verse 
and range as part of the infomation that is currently carried in canon.h 
and fixed, and the api would need to return the linked block in respect 
of any verse in the range, but that should be quite possible technically.

God bless,

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