[sword-devel] So how about that diatheke thing...?

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Aug 16 11:43:05 MST 2006

I'll try to reply more fully later since I'm busy studying for a test, 
but some general points follow:

diatheke needs to remain a general purpose tool, for the most part. 
Addition of support for basic Sword features is fine. Special purpose 
features for a single application are not.

I'll identify specifically which of your suggestions I would accept and 
which ones I would not accept when I can write a fuller reply.


Eeli Kaikkonen wrote:
> On Saturday 12 August 2006 13:44, Eeli Kaikkonen wrote:
>> I repeat my offer to make patches if only I could know that my ideas are
>> acceptable.
> I understand that you who are responsible for diatheke have more
> interesting things to develop. I would like to have some feedback though.
> Maybe you could make a new svn branch for diatheke and give me rights to
> it? I could fiddle with it safely and others could see and test it. That
> might be easier for you to test and accept/refuse.
> I have couple of weeks before I loose my network connection. After that
> commiting interval would be longer but I think I could still do it.
> I understand the responsibility with svn access. I would follow the
> "CrossWire's Open Software Development Process" and make small incremental
> changes. And of course I would listen to what the others have to say.
> Backward compatibility is also important.
>> After further resarch I noticed that localized keys are in locale
>> specific encoding. This is in a way right because localization is user
>> defined in command line options. However, localization is useless in any
>> program or environment if utf8 and some other encoding are mixed. Sword
>> locales in locales.d/ include utf8-versions of locales but interestingly
>> diatheke cannot use them.
> Localized utf8 keys work now with input and output in latest svn version,
> thanks!
> This makes also clucene search work with utf8. But testing it brought out
> another problem: if I choose 'fi' locale, clucene search with diatheke
> returns only those keys which are same in English and Finnish, like "Job",
> "Jeremia" and "Daniel" but not "Matthew"/"Matteus" or
> "Reveleation"/"Ilmestyskirja". Search for "love" in KJV returns 293 matches
> total with default locale but 8 matches total with fi locale.

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